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Julie Anna M. Golebiewski
Ph.D. Candidate,  Department of Economics

Graduate Research Associate,  Center for Policy Research


Contact Information

Department of Economics

110 Eggers Hall

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY 13244-1020


Office:    (315) 443-9056

Cell:        (716) 208-6487

Fax:       (315) 443-1081



Research Areas

Urban Economics, Public Finance,

Education Policy

Julie Anna Golebiewski


Julie Anna Golebiewski is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at Syracuse University and expects to graduate in May 2009.  Her research interests include public finance and education policy, especially as related to education finance and student performance.  She is interested in research positions in either academic or non-academic settings and has extensive experience working with large datasets.  Her job market paper, coauthored with John Yinger, examines the success of education foundations, booster clubs, and PTAs in securing private contributions to the public education system.  The authors contribute to the literature by developing a measure of the size of the constraint imposed by the tax limits of Proposition 13.  They find that this measure of the restrictiveness of the tax limits explains much of the between-district variance in the amount of revenue raised by education foundations, booster clubs, and PTAs.